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Sofa, so good. Geddit? :)

"For immediate release". Ho ho.

Romsey Town, Cambridge.

Approx 6 years old, some cat scratching damage on the legs and a little bit of fluff escaping on one side (visible in picture). Still very comfy though. Must collect! Be careful though, it is quite large and originally had to come in through the front bay window (which is how we will have to get it out again too). Therefore, please make sure you have suitable transport, and that you (a) can fit it where you want to put it and (b) can actually manoeuvre it into place.

N.B. Your own risk: absolutely no warranties, express or implied, particularly regarding any conformance with any particular legislation regarding flammability, bird strike, terrorist activities and suchlike.

Approximate dimensions:
85" x 35" x 32" in old money
216cm x 89cm x 82cm in new money

Now gone! Too late!
Date: 2009-03-19 20:02:41

freecycle cambridge sofa

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You make this sofa look so useless/worthless!

Tell me about the cat scratching, you should see mine, it's shameful! And that goes for the rest of the house!

Good luck!! You really do need it!!
Taya Uddin 2009-03-20 02:53:17
Actually it's a nice sofa! I only want to get rid of it because I need a bit more space and I don't normally have more than about two or three people around at any time. Totally more than I need.

I popped the escaping bit of fluff back in to a very small hole and it's absolutely fine. It's certainly not bleeding fluff everywhere, although I might have given that impression... but forewarned is fore-armed, right?

I suppose I could have plumped up the cushions a bit, but how else can you sex up a sofa? :) My cat has moved house now - long story - so the sofa is safe from further abuse! And I've spent about a month vacuuming and mopping and generally cleaning. And I'm almost there... almost...

oneplusi 2009-03-20 08:17:57
hahaha there are many ways you can sex up a sofa!!! However, I like your honesty! The sofa does look good, but your description said otherwise! Sorry to hear about you cat moving house, I couldn't bare to give my cat up, but resect your decision :)

lol yup, it's fore-armed!

I hate house cleaning, so well done to you :) I need to do some spring cleaning myself!
Taya Uddin 2009-03-21 05:07:12

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